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Sweet Crepes
 Crepes garnished with dark chocolate sauce,
whipped cream, grated white chocolate and nuts.

Strawberry Crepe (Seasonal)
Pure, fresh & simple—filled with strawberries and served with vanilla ice cream & toasted almonds. $12.95

Apple Strudel Crepe

Sliced apples & golden raisins rolled into our crepe—oven roasted and served with vanilla ice cream.
Topped with walnuts. $12.95

Mango Crepe
A vanilla ice cream filled crepe folded & topped with mango chunks, honey, caramel & toasted Pistachios.

Gelato  Crepe
Rich chocolate ice cream wrapped in our crepe, topped with berry sauce, whipped cream and
toasted hazelnuts. $12.95

Baked Cherry Cream Anglaise
Port Wine cherries rolled into our crepe—topped with crème Anglaise—oven baked
and served with vanilla ice cream and toasted almonds. $12.95

Hazelnut Nougat Praline
Hazelnut Nougat Praline & banana, folded into our crepe—topped with vanilla ice cream,
fresh banana & toasted hazelnuts. $12.95

Fresh Pear Crepe
Our signature specialty—filled with vanilla ice cream, then folded and topped with a
fresh peeled pear placed in a bed of sweet cheese and garnished with orange zest. $12.95

Pear Crème Brulee

Specialty Cakes

Chocolate Lovin Spoonful…..….....…$7.95
Lemon Drop Cheesecake …………..$7.95
Carrot Cake …….…………………….$7.95
Ice cream: Chocolate or vanilla....….$2.95

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